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Filling the Void

    Sep 1, 2020 |

    Hello Church Family,
    Your Health and Welfare Committee continues to meet and discuss how to balance our need to be physically together with our need to reduce our risk of contracting COVID-19. At this point in our collective COVID adventure, we all know how challenging this balancing act is. I think a large part of the COVID exhaustion we are experiencing stems from every single decision we make feeling extremely complicated and heavy.

    Recently, it has become overwhelmingly clear that we are in this for the long haul and that the toll of our separation is great! Our
    committee has shifted its focus from “how do we reopen” to “how do we fill the void?” We are hoping you can help us with that.

    While the City of Atlanta still recommends that we should all
    shelter in place (Click to View), we want to be sure that we are
    putting our belief into action by filling some of the holes left by the pandemic. We are wondering, how can we do more? How can we protect the community we love and fill the void. While we want to be careful to make sure we do no harm and while we want to be sure we work to follow the recommendations of our conference and our public health experts, we are rejuvenated to take a new approach and to look at the challenge of “filling the void” from a new perspective.

    Would you help us? Do you have a great idea for us to evaluate
    and explore? Have you heard of something happening somewhere that sounds safe and fulfilling? If so, please complete the linked form or call the church office to share your ideas. Continue reading to hear about some great opportunities coming up soon, and stay tuned to learn all the ways we, the St. James family, will be filling the void.
    Link: Click Here
    Thank you for all of the support and prayers over the last six months.

    With love,
    Christie Hunt and the Health and Welfare Committee

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