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Chapel Notes

Thank You's

Thank You!—Many thanks to those who submitted meditations for our annual St. James Lenten Meditation booklet. These are always meaningful and inspirational reflections for us during the season of Lent. Our prayer is that you will find them especially helpful this year as we are unable to gather in person for many of our traditional services.

Thank You from Pastor Max—Thank you for your quick and generous support for the bipolar ionization upgrade to our HVAC units. The installation is now complete. We have received more than $52,000 in gifts and pledges of our original goal $48,000. During the bipolar ionization installation a couple of our HVAC units required new motors. We will use the excess gifts and pledges received toward the additional cost and will close the appeal at this time. Again thank you for your generous support.

Meals for Trinity Kitchen— Thank you for your donations for Trinity Community Kitchen. Thanks to you we were able to provide more than 800 meals to our neighbors! 800 meals!!

We are scheduled to send 200 meals to Trinity again on Easter Sunday and need granola bars, crackers, and other snacks.


Anonymous on March 1, 2021 7:31pm

Unfortunately, the new format of the the newsletter is not user-friendly for elderly. The rapid movement of sections does not allow us time to read. I appreciate that you are trying to make it fun for young readers but it was a waste of time for me!! What was wrong with the last format?


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